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If you would like to enquire or make an appoitnment for a dress fitting then please click here to send me a message.


I am so grateful to announce that due to high levels of demand over recent years I am only able to offer fittings on

Thursday mornings between 09.00am and 1pm.

I can offer bespoke appointments if needed but these do incure an additional charge.


I carry out fittings in the living room of my home, so I have to limit the number of guests to 2 only, and unfortunately I cannot accomodate children under 10 years old, of course I love children and I have 1 of my own, but I find fittings can be a little boring for young children, and I want to give you, and your dress 100% of my attention, so I kindly ask that you try and find childcare on the days you are called in for your dress fittings with me, so we can enjoy our time together and make the process as stressless as possible. Babes in arms are welcome, but again I ask you to use your own judgement and whether you are going to feel more stress during your appointment with your child with you? 


Unfortunately due to late arrivals I am now implimenting an additional charge if you arrive 10 minutes or more late to your scheduled appointment. An extended fitting fee will be added to your final invoice.

We all know the knock on effect late arrivals have to our healthcare appointment system so please ensure that you are on time and ready for your fittings to start at the arranged time. I can't guarantee a full fitting appointment if you are late, which is disappointing all round.


Finally, please also make sure that you have used the bathroom before you arrive as we do not have the facilities here for you to use. I know nerves can kick in, but honestly, you've nothing to worry about! 

Public toilets can be located at Morrisons Supermarket, which is a short walk/drive away from our property. Please allow time for this before your appointment so you are not late to your fitting.


Please contact us by clicking here if you have any queries as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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