Bridal Alterations


To ensure that you receive the best possible level of service, April Bailey Bespoke Bridal runs an appointment system for fittings. I recommend that you book your first fitting at least 12 weeks before the date of your Wedding. Fittings are available on Thusdays mornings only. I can offer bespoke fittings, however these do incur an additional charge.


At your first fitting you will enjoy a 1 hour consultation. I charge a £30 fitting fee, which is included in your final invoice and this covers all of your dress fitting with me, usually a minimum of 3, at this stage I go through the alterations that are to be carried out on your dress to achieve the perfect fit. Once we are all happy, an Invoice is then sent via email, including a full break down of the services to be carried out on your dress. Payment is due within 7 days from the date of the Invoice.


At your first fitting I take a photo of you in the dress, as it is, unaltered. Please don't worry about body, make up, hair, no offence but I won't get your head in this shot, this is strictly for my reference (plus I love the comparison of how much your dress changes to fit your body, even the smallest of alterations makes a big difference, and I'm excited to show you too). Your dress is pinned and once you're out of the dress, your measurements are taken. 


At your second fitting, (usually mid-way between the first fitting and the date of your wedding) your measurements are taken again, and the alterations are tacked to ensure fit is correct and everyone is happy. At this stage I can perform minimal tweaks where needed.


At your final fitting which is 2 weeks before your wedding day and usually your dress collection date too, your measurements are taken 1 final time, all stitches are permanent and final. Any further alterations after this stage will incur further charges, which is why I like to record measurements to maintain transparency. I also like to take a final picture of you in your dress, especially so I have a record of our time together and I can look back on our fittings and the time we enjoyed together! 


Please, please remember to bring your shoes (or a pair of heels at exactly the same height) with you to your fittings, together with any Accessories that you are planning to wear on your special day. I do have a selection of veils, and bespoke accessories that you are welcome to try on with your dress. Be prepared, I do love a long veil, so I will try and get you to try one of mine if you don't already have one, whether you want one or not! But i'm not pushy, I just love the goosebumps and tingly feeling when, in my opinion, you complete the bridal look! 


If for whatever reason you need to cancel your first fitting, or reschedule subsequent fittings thereafter, please ensure that you provide me with at least 48 hours notice in advance of your appointment. I do run a cancellation list for brides who are unable to book an appointment with me due to high volumes of demand, so I can always fill your fitting appointment so I won't be disappointed if you can't, for whatever reason, make our original date and time.


Please note that my fitting room is rather intimate and seating space for guests is limited. Therefore we request that you bring no more than 2 people with you to all of your fittings.


Whilst I genuinely adore children, I am unable to accommodate children aged under 10 years old. Babes in arm (babies under 1 year and not yet walking) are very welcome. However, we just request that you have someone with you to look after them. I want to devote my entire attention to looking after you, and pinning and adjusting your dress to perfection!

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